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When do you need Mediation?

Family mediation helps families in conflict, especially those divorcing or separating

Family mediation is the easiest way of resolving issues arising from a divorce, a family breakdown or disagreement. Unlike court proceedings you are in control at all times. Your Mediator is a professional, fully trained, highly experienced and qualified in the issues you are facing and who will help you identify and assess options to guide everyone to a workable resolution.

Are you having difficulty reaching an agreement about your children, home or financial arrangements?

This is when Family Mediation can really help. I can improve the way you communicate with each other and work with you to find a way forwards that is acceptable to all parties without having to go to court.  

What are the benefits of Family Mediation?

  • Avoidance of expensive and lengthy court procedures

  • Facilitating a calm and constructive approach to reach an agreement

  • Providing a safe and private place for discussions

  • Allowing you to make informed choices about how to go forward

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Why Mediation rather than Court?

Any agreement that comes out of mediation will be something that you have decided to do

My family mediation service is quicker and more cost-effective than heading to court. It reduces conflict, and your family stays in control of arrangements over children, property and finance.

If you chose to go to court, a judge will make decisions about your life and the lives of your children, which will then be binding upon you. You might disagree with the court’s decision and think it is not fair.

In family mediation, all decisions are made by the clients themselves; the mediator just provides support and information to help you make those decisions. Any agreement that comes out of mediation will therefore be something that you have decided to do. If you are unable to find anything that both parties are prepared to do, then you leave without an agreement, which is how you came in.

This is the worst case scenario for mediation, whereas for court the worst case scenario is you leave with something you absolutely do not wish to do.

Benefits of Mediation: About
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Mediation is less stressful

Going to court is worrying, expensive and stressful

Negotiating via solicitors can avoid having to communicate directly with an ex-partner, but solicitor’s letters and emails often cause stress and upset. The legal process is also very slow - never more so than now and can be frustrating.


The legal route, whilst it does sometimes succeed in resolving things eventually, can often lead to people becoming marginalised, worried and angry, which makes dealing with them in the future, after the lawyers have gone, even harder. Going to court is worrying, expensive and stressful.

The court process tends to be very slow and expensive , which means that these emotions can be experienced  for many months, sometimes years which can be all consuming and devastating At the end of a court process it is often the case that both parties are upset at the outcome. Whilst it is generally possible to predict the kind of outcome that courts might arrive at we cannot know for certain. One bad day in court can change the rest of your life.  Both solicitor negotiation and the court process tend to be adversarial in nature.


A court will decide which client is more right and which is more wrong but if the other party is more credible on the day or CAFCASS support their position and not yours the outcome may not be what you anticipated. Solicitors represent the interests of only one client, but the reality is that outcomes in a family scenario must take account of the needs of all parties including any children. Mediation is a practical process in which a neutral professional helps their clients identify and assess the options that they have, and puts them in a position to decide which  best meets their needs. This approach can leave both people feeling more content with the outcome, more in control of their lives and less resentful of the process and the outcome. It makes it more like that methods of communication can be established which can endure.

Benefits of Mediation: About
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Mediation is easier on children

Alleviating the stress from being passed on to your children

If children are involved, the parents will have to find ways of making arrangements work.  Any arrangements that are made for children will inevitably have to be flexible. Mediation provides a more flexible system through which changes can be made and principles agreed that will help parents make decisions in future that will last. Mediated agreements tend to be much more adaptable and “user friendly” than court imposed orders or adversarial solicitor negotiated plans.

Benefits of Mediation: About
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Mediation is working for you

400% quicker and less expensive than family litigation

Government statistics show that family litigation can be approximately 400% more expensive than mediation. In addition family litigation is on average more than 400% slower than mediated cases. 

You know your situation, your children and your ex better than a court or lawyer ever can. You are best placed to make these important decisions. As your mediator I will provide you with assistance - with the tools you need to communicate, but the decisions will be always be your own.

Benefits of Mediation: About
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