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Laurie Avadis Family Mediation

My Approach

The different ways we can work together so that you feel safe, in control and comfortable to make the right decisions for you and your family.

My Approach: Features

Setting up the sessions

Finding the approach that is right for you

Whatever your preferred method of communication is for a video call – WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger or Zoom I can arrange it. For your mediation meetings, I will host the meeting. These can be face to face via a three-way video call or a two-way video where you each speak to me separately and I will shuttle between you both.

​If your ex-partner or the other parent of your children has contacted me and asked me to invite you to mediation, I will contact you by phone, email or letter. I will ask you some questions and help you decide between your initial options including whether you want to attend mediation at all.

Separating clients

Same meeting, different 'rooms'

Often clients do not want to meet each other because disputes have gone too far for conversation between both parties to be constructive. 
A Zoom meeting provides a waiting room feature so I can set up what we call a shuttle session to ensure neither of you hear or see the other only the mediator.
I can also share screens and chat with you both during meetings and use the written comments feature, to ensure everyone is comfortable communicating throughout the process.

Initial Intake Meeting


The first family mediation meeting is the initial intake meeting. It usually lasts approximately 45 minutes. You can choose to have this initial meeting on a one to one basis with the mediator (myself). In the meeting I will assess your matter for suitability, find out from you what issues you have and what you would like to achieve and discuss what mediation can and cannot do for you.

Attending Together

Quick Start Mediation (QSM).

Alternatively, if the situation is suitable, and you and the other prospective client wish to attend together, the initial meeting can be held jointly. This would also give you the opportunity to begin mediation in the most time efficient and cheapest manner, which is a Quick Start Mediation (QSM). This involves each client in turn having a private meeting with me as above, then proceeding to a half mediation session immediately afterwards.

The total time for this series of meetings is approximately two hours. At the end of the first meeting, whether that is a sole or joint meeting I will discuss with you how you want to proceed. The process remains within your control and you can withdraw at any time.

Achieving a resolution

How many sessions will I need?


Our further mediation meetings last approximately 1.5 hours - can be longer or shorter- whatever suits the two of you. As the mediator, I will help clients agree an agenda, manage the conversation and do everything possible to keep discussions moving forward and potentially constructive. I can help flag up options that have not been considered by either of you yet, reality test ideas that are being considered and provide any information that may be relevant and helpful to the mediating parties. However, any and all decisions remain with the clients; I am there only to provide assistance and support. I will arrange further meeting times and dates directly with you, so that they can take place in the most convenient slots available for you. I will help you put in place any measures that are necessary to enable you to feel secure enough to mediate.

Mediations that involve only issues regarding arrangements for the children generally take between 1 and 3 sessions.

Property and finance cases often take between 2 and 4 sessions.

However, Family Mediation can take place as often as you need it. It is therefore not possible to guarantee how many sessions will be required in any given case.

A cost effective solution

Outstanding Quality

At Laurie Avadis Family Mediation, I am  committed to providing value for money for my clients.
Family Mediation is proven to be a cost effective approach to solving family conflicts. Private clients generally complete mediation for between £1000-2000 per person and the cost might be far less, whereas clients paying solicitors generally pay £5000-10,000 per person to complete their case and often far more. Research shows that mediation is a really cost-effective process.

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