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Services & Fees

Providing Family Mediation Services with value for money in mind.  
A cost effective and less stressful alternative to going to court.


Initial assessment meeting 

£100  per person

This is the initial session to determine your issues and agree the best course of action to take. This will depend on whether children are involved or if this is a dispute over Finances and / or Property.

Distanced Couple

Finance & Property

£125 per person per session depending on the value of the assets - typical session 90 minutes.

I offer financial mediation for people who wish to reach an agreement about finances and property following separation or divorce no matter how much money is involved. I offer the alternative to court proceedings. I have 4 decades of experience as a solicitor working in small, medium and high net worth money cases.

Drafting a Memorandum of Understanding or Summary of Financial Information: £125 per hour or part thereof

Family Walking

Arrangements with Children

£100 per person per session - typical session 90 minutes

Managing your child care responsibilities around work, after school clubs and school holidays can be incredibly challenging for one or two-parent households.

I understand for separated families who are finding it difficult to talk, this can be incredibly stressful. Let me help you.

Family and child mediation really works. I can help you reach a good parenting plan and take away that stress.

Child Arrangements Grandparents.jpg

Grandparental access to Children

£100 per session per person - typical session 90 minutes

I provide family mediation for grandparents who may be struggling to see their grandchildren following a divorce or separation.

Please get in touch if you require more detail about the services I offer.

Services & Fees: Services
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